We are small but dedicated team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the clothing supply sector.  We started out in the fashion and apparel industry and expanded into the workwear supply in early 2020 by applying our unique technology platform and extensive network with industry-leading brands and manufacturers.

SnapShop Supplies is managed by a family team of sisters a Camilla Christine and father Jacob Gammelgaard in charge of operations and compliance. We are further  backed by an outstanding team of staff, professional advisors and supported by a strong supply chain of industry-leading brands and manufacturers.

Christine Gammelgaard holds a MSc in Economics from Copenhagen University specialised in health economics.  She has held positions as an economic strategists at Danish Ministry of Health and Danish Serum Institute. Lately she has been involved the  taskforce for monitoring the societal impact of Covid-19. Previously she held International posts in Mexico and Mozambique and currently resides Beijing. 

Camilla Gammelgaard founded SnapShop group in 2016 after more than 10 years in the digital software sector. She made the switch to the fashion technology sector to launch a mobile commerce platform focused on fashion and beauty brands.  She has been involved in successfully building out the technology and extensive network of supply chain partners, high-end brands and international manufacturers. She is based in London, United Kingdom.